Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Nescafe story

I love coffee! This is one of my favorite drink Nescafe ice-milk coffee drink, you can buy it at any local shop. I think on the left side is the new packing still blue in color just the graphic design change a bit. What ever change its still my favorite drink. Price: RM1.70

Mcd coffee

Other coffee that I like and a must to order is premium roast coffee from McD. When you order it for breakfast you can refill it again. What a happy life :)  Price: RM3.70

Sundrop-Kopi susu

This coffee taste a bit heavy and good to make you stay up at night because I have tried it before and kick! You can buy it easily at any local shop for the price RM1.70.

I like it all! But usually I buy the Nescafe-Original. Price: RM1.70 - 2.50

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