Sunday, December 30, 2012

Simple Batik

I like Batik but its a bit hard to do Batik if you don't have the important tools. What are the tools? For traditional Batik you need : 

1. Color (remazol/primazin)
2. Soda ash
3. Sodium silikat (fixer)
4. Rosin (damar)
5. Parafin (lilin putih)
6. Canting

BUT there is an easy way to perform Batik (yeah). A Malaysian people (owner of Fairbreno) have invented this simple Batik tools called Quick Wax Batik. You can buy it in a set box :) this suitable to beginner.

The fabric that will be use

The frame + fabric

Art masking fluid

Include 3 main color red,blue, yellow + black

Variation of color available

Easy step at the back of the box set

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