Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Tenghilan I'm coming

          Hi, last few month back then I went to SMK Tenghilan for the first time. Why? Of course there is a solid reason to go. You don't go there just to walk and say " hi Tenghilan " NOPE! My 3rd sister will be doing her teaching practical for 3 months so she needs my HELP...HELP... to find a house to stay. I was like OMG did I just drive by my self from KK-Tenghilan? Yes, I took around 1 hour that would be super slow for not so expert driving like me. But then, now less then 40 minutes ha3! Hey i'm a good drive what?? Actually I don't know what picture I have snap but at least I put some image for this entry. 

*Does anyone read this entry anyway??


  1. hi..just saw my x school..smktenghilan

  2. hi..just saw my x school..smktenghilan


Baca dan komen ya ^____^


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