Sunday, September 16, 2012

Love again? Personal tips...

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WHERE IS THE LOVE?? I think love is somewhere around but to find true love you need patience ( I'm patience what?). How to find true love? 
1.  Wait at the bus station.
2.  Promote yourself as a single lady through your friends FB wall.        
3.  Go for a blind-date.
4.  Ask the boy ARE YOU MY TRUE LOVE?
5.  Its time to say Hello to your x-classmate that used to be nerd back years before ha3!

So, which one will you say YES? or maybe all above is totally unacceptable...                              

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 It is a risk to love. What if it doesn't work put? ah but what if it does? Sound like 50/50 right... want to love or no love at all. Hey ladies its worthed to try (my friend said TRY AND ERROR). Just before you go further... these some words from me:

1. DON'T ever give your full love to the guy to-be your BF.
2. Try not to tell him everything... I don't like PINK~
3. My FB is mine your FB is also mine ;p
4. Hey I have other hp number and he don't need to know that.
5. ahh...last one its a secret ask me ...

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